Climate Chaos Emergency UN Summit: Taoiseach’s attentance pressed

Immediate Press Release                    19th September 2014

An Taisce calls for concerted action by everyone in the face abrupt global warming.

An Taisce is calling on the world’s leaders to agree and enforce a cap on global Cumulative Total Emissions at the UN summit in New York next week.  Cumulative Total Emissions (CTE) are critical to climate action that ensures local and national efforts are not undermined anywhere or in the future.

The findings of the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC have changed the climate equation.  There is now an overwhelming scientific consensus that:

·         The added greenhouse gases (GHGs) generated by human activity are causing abrupt global warming, by trapping ever more incoming solar energy.

·         Carbon dioxide (CO2), the GHG from burning fossil fuels, accumulates in the atmosphere.

·         There is a direct linear connection between the total amount of CO2 emitted and the resulting increase in the global average temperature.

Professor Barry McMullin of An Taisce’s Climate Change Committee stated: “To control the global ‘thermostat’ cumulative global total emissions (CTE) must be cut rapidly to avoid dangerous risks of severe impacts.  These include drastic food, water and energy shortages, sea level rise, major population movements, widespread species extinction and ecosystem collapse.  Concerted action now will reduce risk.”

All sectors of society and all nations must engage in rapid and extensive emissions reductions based on a calculation that reflects their responsibility for the cumulative total.  Given historic emissions and high consumption patterns, the wealthy developed countries must accept higher and more immediate burdens of reduction responsibility and cost.  Affordable climate adaptation will be possible only if the least cost option, urgent mitigation, is achieved quickly.


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