Kerri Rivera’s Response To #163

No More Bleach

Dear Internet,

Since I last wrote, Ms. Rivera and her sister, Ms. McDaniel have issued an apology to their followers regarding the publishing of a fake cure story. As expected, they tried to spin it to make themselves look like caring, loving people being targeted by evil, vicious liars. Take a look:


This was posted from Ms. McDaniel’s page, but Ms. Rivera popped in for a comment too:


Ms. Rivera tries to make the point that they shared this information with everyone as soon as they learned it wasn’t true, but that very statement is contradicted in the original post. They didn’t come clean as soon as they found out. They came clean after two blog posts were written about it and everyone that commented on the original cure story was privately messaged with the truth. This wasn’t an altruistic mea culpa, this was damage control. It is also important…

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